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Client Testimonials

“I worked with Michel Sara as I was Business Unit director for Kellogg’s Snacks. The ROI MARKETING approach has enabled me to break the rules and change our business model. With the touchpoint research on snacks universe, we have firstly  understood how to invest to better catch both our consumers and shoppers.
Around one idea, we have worked all together – sales + marketing + category management + advertising agency + shopper agency – to build the path of purchase with a 360° approach. This strategy has been implemented  with strong enthusiasm and results by retailers.
Michel has worked very closely with me and us as a team with a strong vision and leadership to help us make a revolution happen and succeed: an amazing experience!”

Stéphanie Michel-Girard,
Business Unit Director for Kellogg’s Snacks

“Today, it’s essential to measure the ROI of our marketing and communication actions. Over and above the quality of the tool, Michel Sara brings a very helpful insightful analysis.”

Jean-Luc Soetemondt
Deputy Managing Director, L’OREAL Active Cosmetic Division

“Michel Sara has been a critical partner in helping us step change the effectiveness and efficiency of our brand investments across several brand/market combinations in the world. The ROI MARKETING tool allowed us to rank the brand touch-points by order of importance to the consumer and assess our impact against each. The findings were eye opening, and the implications on our marketing strategy and planning nothing short of transformational. The insights allowed us to sharpen our focus on the key brand touch-points, following the mantra that ‘less is more’. Michel has also been particularly effective at collaborating with the market teams to align on the diagnostic, to constructively challenge established paradigms and ways of working that had become blind spots, and to jointly develop integrated communication plans. Finally, his follow through was instrumental in helping us embed the new approach and ensure the sustainability of the effort. I am thrilled by the partnership that weve established with ROI MARKETING!”

Albert Baladi
CEO, Beam Suntory

“The ROI MARKETING approach has made us realize the many ways in which we interact with our customers or prospects and gave us a better understanding of their real impacts and global articulation.
Besides the savings generated by a more rigorous and effective resource allocation based on the ROI MARKETING diagnosis, this approach also made us to progress on the definition and formalization of our marketing objectives, and most of all, on the way we work. As we conducted this analysis for several years, it led us to think about how we were organized and how we worked, and we gradually improved our operations by implementing a transverse and multidisciplinary coordination involving all internal and external stakeholders (among which consultants and agencies) dealing with these topics.”

Sophie Masclet
Strategic Marketing Director at Bouygues Telecom

“Marketing in the car industry requires complex decision on resource allocation between, media, PR, digital, dealers, sponsorship deals, etc.. Like in the movie Moneyball where looking at the real numbers changed the way people managed baseball teams, ROI MARKETING provided Nissan West Europe for the first time with a clear set of metrics to compare the impact and cost efficiency of all our marketing and communication initiatives. With an insightful analysis that helped internal and external stakeholders clarify the challenges and work in a more integrated way.”

Olivier Pierini
Marketing Director at Nissan West Europe