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Marketing Effectiveness Audit

Why choose ROI MARKETING for conducting my audit?

Working with us gives the best out of the MCA® approach.

#1 ROI MARKETING is one of the most expert and experienced company worldwide for conducting MCA® audits

ROI MARKETING is an official representative of Integration Marketing & Communication Ltd.

Its founder is a former partner at Integration Marketing & Communication. There, he strongly contributed to the penetration of the Market ContactAudit®- amongst global advertisers. He also supervised product development of the platform for a couple of years. With 13 years’ worth of experience since 2002, he has supervised around 100 missions for major advertisers in all key categories and regions.

We are capable to operate in all geographies and countries.

#2 ROI MARKETING is fully independent and has no stakes in any area of the marketing and communication process

We don’t buy media, we don’t create ads, we don’t build websites. We’re just independent experts in strategic resource allocation and we advise according to robust metrics and extensive experience.

#3 ROI MARKETING turns MCA®-based learnings into integrated communication plans

Our clients need act on the MCA® diagnosis in order to get the real value of the mission. We have developed a unique, powerful work process that allows to deliver an integrated communication plan that aligns all stakeholders internally (top management, marketing, communication, consumer intelligence, finance, sales) and externally such as communication and media agencies.

This critical expertise is unique in the market place as management consultancies or market research companies don’t have internally the culture and expertise to tackle a mission which requires skills in branding,

#4 ROI MARKETING goes beyond MCA®: the Touch Point Model®

By adding a customized brand module to MCA®, The Touch Point Model® offers a more holistic approach to the diagnostic of your marketing effectiveness. It’s always more relevant to look at the spend allocation strategy taking into account the brand’s key challenges.