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Marketing Effectiveness Audit

Advertisers struggle with following issues when it comes to strategic resource allocation:

  • What are the influential touchpoints in my category?
  • How can I compare my performance on activities whose performance is traditionally not measured in a comparable way, for example, a TV ad, a sponsoring activity, a smartphone application, a point of sale animation, my company website, etc.?
  • How to benchmark against key competitors on all these activities?
  • How to make sure my organization is concentrating its key resources on what really matters?
  • Are all my communication initiatives visible on the market?

Actually, better marketing

  • Is effective : Do the right things
  • Is efficient : Do the things right
  • Is accountable: Be transparent to all stakeholders

And the start point is a robust, holistic measurement platform: You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

We, at ROI MARKETING, help you step up to more effective, more efficient and accountable marketing through the Touch Point Model® that single sources the MCA® platform and key brand metrics to have a complete diagnostic of the brand in its competitive environment.