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(In French only) Développer la valeur d’entreprise en s’appuyant sur des marques durables

Les dirigeants d’entreprise disposent d’une opportunité unique de renouer le lien entre consommateurs et marques, sur la base de nouveaux modèles économiques et de création de valeur durable.

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The Strange Case of the Invisible Woman (by Bob Hoffman – Type A Group)

Marketers and advertisers are obsessed with young people and ignore the most valuable market in the history of markets — people over 50. Today we’re going to get a little more “granular” and talk specifically about the mystery of why advertisers ignore women over 50.

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In 2017, reach was the buzzword

Insightful post: taking care of heavy users and core clients is fine but don’t forget to reach out to occasional consumers. At ARF conference, Nielsen Catalina unveiled a study which concluded that reach was an important sales driver, accounting for 22% of sales growth; the only factor listed above it was ad creative, with 47%. Targeting … Continue reading In 2017, reach was the buzzword

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Media buying’s deadly sins – and why agencies are too late to save their souls

Last week saw the great and the good of the advertising world trundle to New York City for Advertising Week – four days of talks, events, awards and general navel-gazing. If you have been to any advertising event you can imagine how it generally went down: the usual ongoing orgy of ‘disruptive digital purpose’ and … Continue reading Media buying’s deadly sins – and why agencies are too late to save their souls

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Marketing leaders favour digital over more traditional skills

As the debate over the changing craft of marketing becomes a preoccupation for the industry, an in-depth survey has revealed marketing leaders are favouring digital and analytics capabilities over more traditional skills. A must read article.

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